Lady Linn & Her Magnificent Seven

Lady Linn

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‘Suddenly I feel so free / I say goodbye to all of my worries / Taken over by / By this energy / Which I didn’t know that I had inside of me’. The opening lyrics of the song ‘Feeling Me’ on Lady Linn’s new record ‘High’ could be about the album’s sound palette. On ‘High’, Lady Linn shamelessly flirts with electronic dance pop and Donna Summer-disco, beats and synths, and acoustic guitars. The trademark jazz rhythms of her two previous records reappear as well, but electronically arranged. Lady Linn: ‘This time around, I really wanted to do things in a different way.’

She started writing songs immediately after the release of her previous record ‘No Goodbye At All’, and swapped the piano for the guitar. Inspired by the gigs she did with her house-project FCL, Lady Linn also wrote more direct, heartfelt lyrics. ‘The lyrics of the house classics I sing with FCL are pure gospel, uncensored, raw emotions. Singing those lyrics was a very liberating experience: it made me less self-conscious when writing my own songs.’

This new-found self confidence made Lady Linn also really trust others with her songs. First she brought them to guitarist Bruno De Groote (Raymond Van Het Groenewoud, Axelle Red...), who could rearrange the rather conventional soul songs as he liked. ‘High’ was produced by Renaud Letang (Jane Birkin, Feist…), with whom she also also worked on her previous record ‘No Goodbye At All’. The French producer is another kindred spirit that Lady Linn trusts 100% and who really took the songs in a different direction of beats and electronic sounds.

Ironically, ‘Feeling Me’, the song with the ‘If feel so free’-lyric that could easily be this electronic record’s statement of intent, is a very simple piano song. ‘I have this habit of leaving ideas for songs on my voicemail. One day I listened to old voicemails and I accidentally stumbled upon the very first ‘voicemail’-version of ‘Feeling Me’. I was shocked how good that a capella sounded, so much better than the energetic dance studio version Renaud and I had made of the song. We both decided that ‘Feeling Me’ should get its initial pure sound back, just added some piano.’ This anecdote illustrates perfectly how the musical freedom that Lady Linn explored on her new album never interfered with the essence of her craft: recording the best songs possible.


Lien De Greef (vocals)

Marc De Maeseneer (sax)

Frederic Heirman (trombone)

Yves Fernández-Soliño (trumpet)

Joris Caluwaerts (piano)

Kas Longman (guitar)

Steven Van Gelder (drums)

Filip Vandenbril (bass)