Based in Antwerp Belgium, abrahamblue grew up with an intricate love for music, which he cultivated over the years by listening to a broad spectrum of styles like the soundtrack of classic Arabic singers such as Fairuz, Abdel Halim Hafez or by dancing to Michael Jackson or by getting mesmerised by classics from Beethoven and Bach. Later, Blue discovered Jazz, which opened a whole new world for him. Add to this palet his love and appreciation for 90’s hiphop, classic soul and even gospel music and you’ll understand his eclectic identity. Blue taught himself to play piano, guitar, bass and later also tackled the drums. During that process, blue experimented with singing and finding his own melodic groove, making his first steps to become a vocalist. With just a freestyle he managed to score a ‘Most Promising Artist Of The Year’ at the Redbull Elektropedia Awards. More interested in studying music than releasing quick tracks Abraham evolved towards producing and songwriting. This patient journey of self-study manifested in his much anticipated EP debut ‘Tracks I Made Last Summer’. His debut EP got support from BBC1, was catch of the day at Studio Brussels and made it to the Colors blog.