Initially coming from the DIY hardcore scene, Coilguns have crafted since then their very own blend of pissed-off punk and extatic noise-rock. The history of the band is deeply bound to the development of guitarist Jona Nido’s own label – Hummus Records – that now gathers up to 130 releases from Swiss artists of all sonic horizons. Though their last two albums were 100% self-produced, engineered and mixed by the band members, Coilguns drove last summer to end-of-the-world’s Oceansound Recordings in Norway with producer Scott Evans to track their 4th studio album, which is due to release in February 2024. Only playing a handful of shows in 2023, the four piece hailing from La Chaux-de-Fonds will unleash some upcoming material and crash-test their new show. The band is known for its raw, uncompromising and euphoric live performances, proudly serving the dancing freaks and the crowd-surfing weirdos.

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