Photo: Jorre Janssens

All over the map of contemporary music, Glauque are openly marking the territory of their distinct identity. Their love of electronic experiences remixes hip hop’s DNA and explodes the codes of French chanson.

The band, a hard-driving all-terrain collective, dodge algorithms and viral news to establish their own truths. Anchored at the heart of a hyperconnected society, they play into the double meaning of their name: between the comforting colors of the sea and indefinite despair, the Glauque universe is built on captivating contrasts. Through music, the band is crystallizing the paradoxes of their time. At the crossroads of technological advances, ecological challenges and an endangered humanity, the world of fake news is not necessarily the one you see, anyway. Like the works of George Orwell or Philip K. Dick, Glauque’s reality is rooted in dystopian narratives and science fiction.

Two years after the EP ‘Glauque’ that retraces their genesis, Glauque unveils a powerful first track from their long-awaited first album to be released. Approached as an observation, ‘Plan Large’ highlights personal and societal Manichean absurdities. 

In a piece of destiny, Glauque depicts the stereotypical antagonisms and destructive patterns of the artist in relation to the world around him. The band confronts their own reflection with the established norms, the choices of life or thoughts, and our responses to these norms. What to think, what to follow or not to follow, what place to take in a world where we can only observe the ever-growing nonsense of a reality in which black and white are uncritically opposed.

With ‘Plan Large’, Glauque anchors in its energic urgency the never ending search for meaning of an existence on the margins of a cold and partial society.