Photo: Gregory Derkenne

Belgian quartet IT IT ANITA quickly distinguished them- selves by their solid and loud rock, sweaty riffs and throwbacks to the Nineties. In just a few years they’ve gained a foothold in this very exciting alternative rock scene. Since their last album Laurent (2018) and the re- sulting 150 shows through Europe, the band comes up with an overwhelming new album Sauvé. Recorded during summer in 2020.

With Sauvé, the band continues to work on their own well-known recipe of alternating se- quences of raw-punk-bitter-pop-indie-icy- post-rock, you name it. And once again, the band surpasses itself with this third full album. Sauvé contains ten songs that were recorded and mixed by producer Amaury Sauvé (Birds in Row, Bison Bisou etc.) at his studio in Mayenne in France. The founding in- fluences often referred to, are Pavement, Grandaddy, Weezer, Mogwai, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Hot Snakes, etc.