Jaguar Jaguar brings us their latest work, one year after the release of their debut EP ‘Montjoi’. Their second EP ‘Madelyn’ is the artistic result of a period of seclusion in France. The sun makes room for the Lynchian fall. More mature and bolder than before: Jaguar Jaguar will guide you through a mysterious and tropical journey into the wild.

They challenged themselves in writing a new chapter in which they experiment and touch upon expanding their musical boundaries. For instance, they’ve invited Témé Tan over to find and explore the worlds between music and visuals.

Once again, there aren’t any faces from the members of Jaguar Jaguar in the spotlight. They leave your imagination run by showcasing their music through a short film, directed by Tina Herbots and guitarist Emiel Raeymaekers. The music videos of ‘Out of Sight feat. Témé Tan’ and ‘My Guess’ are a taste of that. Madelyn, which is the title of the short film and EP, tells the story of a search for a desire and the impossibility of it.

In their first year they made a name for themselves with their live performances during their (sold out) club tour in the AB Club, Het Depot, Cactus Club, Muziekodroom, De Warande, etc. They’ve recently also performed a couple of times abroad. Drawn to the south, they travelled to Lisbon, Portugal where they won the first prize in the music competition ‘Festival Termòmetro’. There they were picked up by Antena 3, SBSR Radio and they later played at the prestigious NOS Alive festival.

On March 1, 2020 Jaguar Jaguar took the stage of the Ancienne Belgique, where they showcased their new material to the big public. Expect a journey through the jungle where these jaguars feel most at home.

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