Photo: David Williamson

Liesa Van der Aa (violinist, singer, composer, producer, actress, theater and film maker) is one of the most versatile Belgian artists of the moment. In 2020, more precisely Feb 28th, Liesa has released her new project ‚ÄčEasy Alice. ‚ÄčIt’s a record and a film, a story and also a fragment, complex and at the same time relevant contemporary. The music sounds like eclectic funk, a kaleidoscopic encounter between Kafka and Britney Spears, PJ Harvey and Eminem, Bill Withers and Missy Elliot.

Easy Alice “the movie”, forms a new manifesto with themes linked to the album: guilt, seclusion, schizophrenia, sex and desire for detachment. Van der Aa pulls iconic interviews with David Bowie, Pasolini, Grace Jones and John Cage out of their context and rewrites them according to a new dogma: how to survive life by yourself.

Niels Broos, Dries Laheye, Lander Gyselinck, Elisabeth De Loore, David Williamson and Baloji Tshiani all contributed to this story.