Photo: Jessica Calvo



Though being from France the band Lysistrata doesn’t sound like that at first sight. The three members, all of them in their early twenties, evoke the roaring energy and lust for life of the youth. They build a driving up-tempo mix of post rock, noise and math rock, rather to be found on the British Isles.

Their current album “The Thread“ (Vicious Circle) gives a good impression. The guitars on gnawing duty on the title track, using English titles as each track does. But not on every song the passionate vocals dominate. Long passages give themselves lusciously to arithmetic energy and joyfully towering melodies. A song like that may last up to epic 8 or 11 minutes.

“Asylum“ the intriguing single thrills with brisk drums, effervescent guitars and powerful vocals. But Lysistrata masters the soft sides too, as to be heard on “Sugar & Anxiety“. To all those cherishing rock of intelligentsia and high energy. By the way the band has nothing to do with the classic drama of antique hero Aristophanes.