Photo: William Massy

Shht is the fruitful result of a get together. Seeking to expose a sublime truth in all things kitsch and quirky, the combined force of what constitutes Shht results in an enticingly wet post-pop dream.

Today they proudly present to you their sophomore album Noneketanu. Much more a result of collaboration than its predecessor, the music featured on the album stems from a busy year crammed with jamming and performing as a strong, grooving unit. Lyrically, the subject matter zooms in this time, to deal with a much more personal experience of joy and sorrow. Since the release of their debut album, Love Love Love (2018), Shht has built up quite the live reputation, and as for the follow up they set themselves the challenge to capture this live energy in the form of a recorded piece of music. The result is Noneketanu, spanning from simple songs to unprecedented polka rave, it was recorded mostly in live takes, adding only a few overdubs afterwards, if any.

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