Photo: Anton Coene

After having released two albums, Belgian based instrumental band Statue are back with their third installment ‘Kasper’ (produced by Micha Volders). The band, notably known for having four guitar players shocks and awes audiences with their heavy wall of sound. Backed by a tight rhythm section, Statue delivers songs with a keen eye for detail without losing the focus to keep those feet dancing.

Their previous albums ‘Statue’ and ‘Calexico Point’ are original landmarks in the alternative music scene in Belgium. Both albums were noticed by a wider audience and received raving reviews from different notable newspapers and music blogs, such as De Morgen (****) and De Standaard (****).
What started as an art project, Statue proved during several remarkable concerts that their songs – which can be described as a ‘guitar-extravaganza-experience’ – should be heard by broader audience. Fans of Television will love the versatility, fans of Battles approve the hyperactive and danceable drum rolls while the thunderous guitars will remind you of bands such as Mogwai and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.
Highlights such as their memorable passage at Pukkelpop or their headlining concert at Belgian’s music temple Ancienne Belgique make Statue one of the must-see-bands of this guitar-generation.
Other highlights include LeffingeleurenIncubatePsyche Lab 

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