Movulango’s debut EP, ‘Mirror in Man’, is proof that you shouldn’t put a time limit on creativity. An utterly fresh five-track musical adventure taking in psychedelic folk jams, woozy electronica and looped-up beats, it is the culmination of a five-year process for Movulango, the alter ego of 25-year-old Belgian musician and producer, Mozes Mosuse.

It’s a journey that has seen Mozes transform from dancefloor-slaying producer (his previous credits include being one-half of Ego Troopers and Future Sound of Antwerp) to a kind of West Coast pop art Balearic troubadour.

“He’s one of the people that we’ve worked with the longest before his music comes out,” says Soulwax’s David Dewaele, co-founder of DEEWEE, the label releasing ‘Mirror in Man’, and the Ghent-based studio where Movulango honed his sound with the Dewaele siblings.