Photo: Alexander Popelier

A healthy love for blasting guitar riffs, heavy but compact songs and the occasional shot of whiskey connect these five gentlemen as the band that is RHEA. The role of underdog is in their blood, and they love to disprove the myth written above.

Three years after their first passage through the backstage of the AB in Brussels (during De Nieuwe Lichting ’16), the band is proudly presenting their brand new songs there in March 2019. A lot has happened in these three years of hard work and dedication. The band toured through almost every country in Europe, they took the time to develop themselves and most importantly, they created their own sound.

During this search, they were assisted by Alex Newport, who produced the songs for Lust For Blood in the Brighton (UK) Electric studios where loads of amazing bands and artists like Royal BloodNick Cave and The Cure also produced their music. Alex Newport is also not just someone: his work with Bloc PartyDeath Cab For Cutie and At The Drive-In did not pass by unnoticed–but enough with the namedropping.

RHEA is the living, Belgian proof that guitar music is not only still relevant in 2020, but can also be innovative and connecting.

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