On the band’s third album ‘In Velvet’, recorded at Audioworx Studio’s and produced by Jasper Maekelberg (Faces On TV, Balthazar, Warhaus…), Nordmann reinvent themselves, causing a profound shift in their distinctive sound. They trade in the rock influences in favour of synths, electronic textures and beats. The new music is more reflective, though without ever losing focus on the instincts.

In Velvet’ will be by far the most elaborate abum the band has released since their inception. In order to be able to perform these detailed arrangements live, the band was expanded with a fifth band member.

Some ten years ago, Nordmann came into being after a successful improv session that was destined to last. The four musicians succeeded in fusing the liberties of improv jazz with the intensity of rock music, and their shows immediately caused a stir in their native Belgium.


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