Pierre Mignon – also known as Docteur Peet, Docteur Love, Supra Bawler or simply Peet - is a resounding name in the Brussels rap world. He’s a member of Brussels band Le 77 and a typical DIY musician: the rapper slash beatmaker prefers to record everything himself in his own studio.

At 27, on top of his releases with Le 77, he also has various EPs and two albums to his own name. And then there are also the fine collaborations with Blu Samu, Roméo Elvis, and Zwangere Guy.

His second album was released in February 2023. “Todo Bien was made very simply and was largely produced and recorded in my home studio. I made the choice to let all my musical influences shine through on the album, varying from boom bap to fierce trap turn-up and more introspective pieces”, he explains.

Live, Peet already has nothing to prove: every concert is a feast thanks to his unique talent, humor, and the excellent musicians that accompany him.


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