Piecing together aspects of his wide-ranging influences, Siifu built an extensive catalog during the 2010s, releasing eps, albums, and mixtapes throughout the decade. Born in Slabama and swiftly moving to cincinnati, genre-warping musician Pink Siifu (born livingston matthews) got his start in music as a drummer in his high school’ marching band writing poetry up until college. After moving to los angeles in 2014, matthews began to develop connections in the city, splitting into two alias, using the production moniker iiye and the vocalist moniker Pink Siifu, he quickly built a substantial catalog and continues to bend genres and fuse different sounds within each album. In 2016 he started a duo group with producer ahwlee as tha name b. Cool-aid and they have released two albums to date: their debut album brwn released in 2017 and ep syrup released in 2018. He also put out several different beat tapes, random experimental projects, alongside a collection of genre-bending eps most to be seen on his Bandcamp. In 2018 we saw th

e release of his debut album ensley: combining the works of Siifu and iiye, ensley’s varied palette of sonic textures and free-form instrumentation received nods from major music publications, giving the enigmatic musician his first taste of indie success. His next solo work negro shows tha continuation in his evolution along with his love for variety, political change, spiritual growth and combining genres. Negro stretches from punk, to jazz, spoken word, hip hop, instrumentals, speeches, field recordings, and noise let loose beautifully all within 25 tracks. As of today he has released up to 60 albums ranging from collab album projects, instrumentals, vocals, and remixes and to him, it’s only the beginning.


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