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The Bony King of Nowhere

The Bony King of Nowhere is the pseudonym of Belgian singer-songwriter Bram Vanparys. He released his debut album ‘Alas my love’ to critical acclaim in 2009, which was followed by his second and most celebrated album ‘Eleonore’ in 2011. In the aftermath of ‘Eleonore’ he was asked to write the film score for the movie ‘Les Géants’, for which he was awarded by Les Magritte du Cinéma for best original soundtrack.

After having released two full-length albums that comprised atmospheric songs and playful arrangements, Vanparys started exploring his interest in true songwriting in the likes of Leonard Cohen, Townes Van Zandt and the inevitable Bob Dylan. In 2013 The Bony King of Nowhere released his most stripped down and mainly acoustic guitar driven self-titled album. Contrary to what one might expect, Vanparys expanded his live setup with a 13 piece band to tour the album.

Almost obsessed with the works of classic songwriters, Vanparys recorded his forth full-length album in Los Angeles with Ray LaMontagne’s former live band. The americana driven album ‘Wild flowers’ was released in 2015 and The Bony King of Nowhere was renamed simply Bony King.

But soon Vanparys started exploring new territories, partly because he felt that his almost archaic approach on songwriting was pushing him down a dead end street and partly because his interest in rich and complex arrangements started to pop up again. In 2016 he bought a trailer and went living in the countryside to work on his new sound. A harsh winter and a tragic breakup with his wife set the mood for a new set of songs and Vanparys started recording and working again under his long-familiar pseudonym The Bony King of Nowhere.


Björn Nuyens
Territory: Europe


20.06.24 / Great Gigs in the Park - Sint-Niklaas
21.06.24 / Boulevard Solar - Lauwe
23.06.24 / Beuling en Blues festival - Boechout
04.07.24 / Belgica - Dendermonde
10.07.24 / Gent Jazz - Gent
03.08.24 / Absolutely Free Festival - Genk
04.08.24 / Campo Solar - Damme
07.08.24 / Lokerse Feesten - Lokeren
15.08.24 / Hemmersdorf POP Festival - Saarlouis, DE
02.11.24 / Gdanska - Oberhausen, DE
03.11.24 / Alte Kachelofenfabrik - Neustrelitz, DE
04.11.24 / Schokoladen - Berlin, DE
06.11.24 / Mephisto - Hannover, DE
07.11.24 / Aalhaus - Hamburg, DE
08.11.24 / Aaltra - Chemnitz, DE
09.11.24 / Café NUN - Karlshruhe, DE
10.11.24 / Milla Club - München, DE
15.11.24 / Die Wohngemeinschaft - Köln, DE
21.11.24 / De Roma - Antwerpen
23.11.24 / Belvédère - Namur


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