The Great Belgian SongbookBE

The Great Belgian Songbook

The most beautiful Belgian songs from the national heritage. Rebuilt in a surprising way by five top musicians. Brought with flair, guts, enthusiasm and humor.

The band is special to say the least, with flugelhorn/trumpet, drums, 2x keys and cello/bass. A musically stunning quintet! -Trumpet/Flugelhorn: Jo Hermans -Drums: Marc Bonne -bass/cello: Trui Amerlinck -Keys: David Thomaere -Keys: Remko Kühne


14.03.25 / CC Mol - Mol
22.03.25 / OC De Stekke - Moorsele
29.03.25 / CC 't Schaliken - Herentals
15.05.25 / CC Ter Vesten - Beveren


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