Zimmerman surprises with another brand new album. ‘Love Songs’ was released on Valentine’s Day 2024.

Earlier in 2023, Simon Casier (the man behind Zimmerman and also bassist with Balthazar) impressed everyone with 'Wish You Were Here’, the 46 minutes long blood-curdling tribute to his late brother.

For 'Love Songs' the plan was to make the most romantic record of the century. A record full of love songs is a delicate balancing act. It comes down to balancing cheesy sentiment with genuine beauty. "Maybe I crossed that line a few times. I’ve never been interested in what’s cool. I just want to make the music I want to make at the time that makes sense emotionally.”

The result is an exceptional album with 10 short and beautifully arranged songs, written for the love of his life Noémi Wolfs, that more than once remind us of the classic pop songs of Burt Bacharach. Timeless, yet modern. Lighthearted, but never non-committal.

Long live love!


Björn Nuyens
Territory: Europe


30.06.24 / Stadsmuzikanten festival - Tongeren (solo)
13.08.24 / De Schipgatsessies - Koksijde (solo)
25.10.24 / Control Club - Bucharest, RO
30.10.24 / Club de B - Torhout
31.10.24 / Bibelot - Dordrecht, NL
05.11.24 / Het Depot - Leuven
07.11.24 / Paradiso - Amsterdam, NL
08.11.24 / De Roma - Antwerpen


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