Daan (extra show)

De Roma

Daan is back! With a brand new show and a sparkling new album to be released this fall. Less than two years after the fantastic The Ride, the rocking icon on the Belgian music scene sends out a lively, spacy full-length on which his fantastic band members are given all the freedom they need to give free rein to their enormous musical baggage and creativity. Despite their flourishing solo careers, the artists continue to find a growing pleasure in playing with Daan, making them rise above themselves. The first single DUMB (release June 5) is already glowing proof of that. Or as Daan himself says, “DUMB is a call to reunite us all, even if we are very different, in a long sweet positive parade...”


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2 years after the album “The Ride” Daan (and his superb band) will release a very new album in autumn. This very vivid space pop rock album gives even more free space to all the long-lasting members of his band, who, despite their flourishing solo careers, still find a growing pleasure in playing as a, this, band. Listen already to the new single DUMB to be released this Wednesday 5th of June, a call to reunite all of us, even if we’re very different, in a long sweet positive parade. 


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