TUMULT presents: Witch Club Satan


TUMULT “A loud, confused noise, especially one caused by a large mass of people.”

TUMULT starts off with the extreme Norwegian ‘Witch Club Satan’, a neo-feminist threesome blending intense black metal with a captivating, theatrical performance focusing on women empowerment. Mentorship and a crucial stamp of approval from black metal legend Jørn ‘Necrobutcher’ Stubberud, one of the founders of the infamous Mayhem, included!

"An absolutely impressive piece of art that will easily be the best live show I’ve caught in 2023!” (GRIMM - Gent Rock Industrial & Metal Music)

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Witch Club Satan

Witch Club Satan is a feminist black metal band consisting of Johanna Holt Kleive (drums), Victoria F. S. Røising (Bass) and Nikoline Spjelkavik (Guitar). It is a musical, a dramatic ritual with an unknown effect.

Witch Club Satan will awaken you with the primordial cry that has built up inside us, and together we will be transformed. It is Sankthans and Sabbath, and you, your whole being are welcome to the fire - to the club.


Born from one. Bloed is a collaboration between brothers Toon, Tuur and sister Fieke Soete. They define their vision on how filth and madness should sound. With a blend between their own backgrounds they try to create that unique listening experience. Bloed is supposed to be heard and felt. Bloed binds us all.


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