Ana Diaz is the grand daughter of immigrants who fled the dictatorship in Spain, she was born in Brussels. She grew up in a house with all her family (aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents), where shecradles in Galician folklore and very quickly learned to sing many traditional songs.
During her teenage years, she went to a boarding school «Kunst-Humaniora» in Brussels, where she had a Jazz training. At that period of time she discovered the Brussels nightlife scene and its different musical universes: hip-hop, drum & bass, electro, house, dubstep… which then were added to her roots. Her first time experiences on stage were from an early age, surrounded by her family and folkmusicians at world music festivals.

Ana Diaz’s music is a reflection of her life. Her new project «Maloserá» presents songs with very diverse sounds and influences. From bossa, pop, flamenco to fado. She composes, writes and revisits traditional songs accompanied by musicians. She sings in French as well as in Spanish, Galician, English or Portuguese. Feminist and committed, inspired by her life and the life of those around her, her songs are often about love and inequality. Sing to express your emotions, heal your wounds and free yourself.


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