'"Droomvoeding" is a feed you give while your baby continues to sleep undisturbed. We feed our lives with dreams and ambitions, dreams that give our lives a direction.'

To say that Brihang has been through a lot in the four years since the release of his previous record, "Casco," is another understatement. He married, built and then also had to deal with one of the most upsetting things imaginable: parenthood. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that this new record was four years in the making. The title "Dream Food" already indicates how much fatherhood left its mark on that third album.

Nevertheless, don't expect a sentimental record with nursery rhymes, quite the contrary. The rapper turns the lens on himself and his immediate surroundings, documenting everything he sees or feels, unfiltered. From the beautiful moments atop that pink cloud to the despair in the middle of the gray fog and everything in between: Brihang shows himself yet another masterful chronicler of his own life, with observations that anyone - with or without children - can identify with. He still cannot be compared to anything or anyone else, a relief in times when tried-and-true formulas and all-powerful algorithms seem to rule the roost.


29.06.24 / Couleur Café - Brussel
06.07.24 / Rock Werchter - Werchter
12.07.24 / Cactusfestival - Brugge
13.07.24 / Rock Zottegem - Zottegem
03.08.24 / Suikerrock - Tienen
03.08.24 / Dranouter Festival - Dranouter
31.08.24 / OLT Rivierenhof - Antwerpen
01.09.24 / OLT Rivierenhof - Antwerpen


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