Groove machine M.CHUZI (BXL) makes world-wise sauce based on melting pot à la bruxelloise. A spicy mix of afro-grooves, funk, world jazz, and the spacy soundscape of a metropole. M.CHUZI smothers every stage with a catchy musical experiment in an authentic fashion.

Drummer Jan Heirman and Bass Man Niels d’Haegheleer form a basis, sauce chefs Basile Bourtembourg (keys), Gil Duarte Da Cruz (guitar) and Band Man Thomas De Vries (guitar) flavor the whole and the ultimate touch is delivered by a horn section with Mattéo Badet (tenor saxophone), Robbe Latré (trumpet & flügelhorn) and Martin Lissoir (baritone saxophone). With members from Azmari, Okkupeerder and NAFT.

In 2019, M.CHUZI won the prestigious Soundtrack contest of VI.BE. Since then, they have been unstoppable. Their first album PAPARA will be released on Sdban Records in November 2022.


07.07.24 / Brosella - Brussel
18.08.24 / OLT Rivierenhof - Antwerpen (support Think Of One)
21.08.24 / Jazz op het Plein - Genk


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