After a long break Think Of One is back on the road. David Bovée emigrated to Brazil to work as a hired hand. Roel Poriau and Tomas De Smet did the same in Europe and played as a rhythm section in various bands. They all evolved musically on their own and when they got back together , the spark was stronger than ever.

As a travel light powertrio, they re-interpretate their vast back catalogue and create new stuff as well. Their new single ‘Goe Voor Mij’ was released in February 2024.


29.06.24 / Feest in 't park - Brugge
02.08.24 / Dranouter Festival - Dranouter
18.08.24 / OLT Rivierenhof - Antwerpen
22.08.24 / Een hele zomer feest da's Willebroek - Willebroek
24.08.24 / De Zomer van Baarle - Baarle-Hertog


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