In 2004 Winok Seresia, then still a drummer in Belgian Afro Beat Association and Wawadadakwa, gave himself a freshly starched sailor suit and a pseudonym: from now on he would sail the seven seas as Kapitein Winokio and board the container ships with flat children's commercials.

His first feat was called “Kapitein Winokio saw 1 bear,” an ode to children's song for which Flemish rockers and actors were allowed to convey the children's songs of their youth to their hearts' content. Three more CDs followed, hundreds of performances, a stack of children's books and in the meantime the Kapitein Winokio drummed up his own oeuvre on the CDs Kapitein Winokio is Beestig, Radio Winokio and Kapitein Winokio is van de Wereld.

For over 15 years now, Captain Winokio has been finding songs and singing them together with Madame Puss and his music mates. He gets up - sings a song, brushes his teeth - sings a song, egg breakfast - a song, sailing - a song, ... For everything our Captain invents a tune. Come, sing, dance, laugh and celebrate with us!

Now and then Captain Winokio's ship docks for maintenance. Then Madam Puss and musical matrons Ivanov and Petrolium take the youngest toddlers on an adventure. So prick up the ears, lubricate the vocal chords and warm up those little legs!


30.06.24 / OLT Rivierenhof - Antwerpen
07.07.24 / Blender - Kortrijk
11.07.24 / Festival Domein Puyenbroeck - Wachtebeke
21.07.24 / Summerfestibounce - Overmere
03.08.24 / M-idzomer - Leuven
04.08.24 / Dranouter Festival - Dranouter
15.08.24 / Zomerhappening - Opwijk
07.09.24 / Villa pace - Sint-Niklaas
06.10.24 / CC Schoten - Schoten (première)
28.10.24 / Centrum De Branding - Middelkerke
29.10.24 / CC De Brouckere - Torhout
10.11.24 / CC Achterolmen - Maaseik
17.11.24 / CC Gildhof - Tielt
08.12.24 / CC De Warande - Turnhout
11.01.25 / Bourla - Antwerpen
12.01.25 / CC Het Bolwerk - Vilvoorde
26.01.25 / CC Lokeren - Lokeren
02.02.25 / GC Den Egger - Scherpenheuvel-Zichem
08.02.25 / GC De Zandloper - Wemmel
09.02.25 / CC De Plomblom - Ninove


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