“Is it 2021 already?” Suddenly it dawned on Flip Kowlier: it had been 2013 since he - along with the musical compadres of the first hour - released a record under his own name. The last feat was “Cirque, the adventures of WM Warlop,” a brightly flavored theme album with which Kowlier tapped from a slightly different barrel, received high praise and skimmed the Flemish country.

Between then and now: relative silence. However, Kowlier has not been idle: 'Ertebrekers' came off the 'Zji,' saw the lights in the eyes of countless fans and won hearts, not once, but twice ('Otel' (2016) and 'Crème' (2019)) and Kowlier himself, meanwhile, gladly allowed himself to be enlisted in the permanent backing band of 'The Ideal World. And 't Hof Van Commerce released “Bam!” and “Truck Driver” (2018), two hip-hop mugshots with which the collective let everyone know they still had countless sheets-to-rhymes-and-beats up their sleeves. No shortage of musical antics, in other words. But still the desire to start their own, new work, new songs, came in the lap of a pandemic, in which time and space arose and inspiration found its way to the neck of the guitar.

'September,' the new full album, will be released April 22 and was produced by house producer Wouter Van Belle, with the regular backing band as pacesetters.

“We hadn't played together for a very long time,” Kowlier said, “but as soon as we dove into the studio, and Karel (De Backer, drums) tapped out, it seemed like we had only said goodbye to each other the day before. The musical cogs were turning as usual. That was a really nice feeling.”


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