Typhoon's music is a celebration of being human, always containing the message that we are enough: we are love. Glenn de Randamie (1984) is a storyteller who raps, speaks and sings in an honest and vulnerable way. He knows how to capture big life themes raptly in personal expressions about choices, slavery, ambition and religion. Growing up in a large Surinamese family that included Portuguese, Chinese, Indian and Creole roots, it was destined that all these influences would also inform his music.

Through his colorful, energetic and poetic musical stories, Typhoon takes you into the conversation going on in society and shines his light on it. Never pointing fingers, but always connecting. In his live shows, this connection is an experience: you are not only taken musically, but also physically into the story he has to tell. To one song you are dancing and jumping and to another you prefer to stand still to take in the heartfelt lyrics. No matter where or how you listen to his music; Typhoon touches your soul and makes you think about your own life, vision and and feelings.

Love can be shared when the receiver and giver are both ready. After a musical journey of nearly 15 years full of highlights, a well-deserved respite was imminent. One year of rest gave Glenn a lot of space. Space to find himself again, to see what life is all about for him and to really experience again why he loves music so much.

Typhoon is ready for 2020!


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