't Hof van CommerceBE

't Hof van Commerce

The country's best hip-hop crew - that is what Humo says - largely holed up in limbo, only to come out very occasionally very focused and full of bombast. BAM!

For a new record, for example, or an anniversary. Or just because the protagonists can't help themselves. When Kowlier and Buyse have spent long enough in their hibernation of side projects, the appetite bubbles up again until it almost reaches boiling point, they crawl out of their West-Flemish ghetto and unleash their oldskool beats and unintelligibly cheerful lyrics on the world once more.

't Hof van Commerce, since 1998!


22.06.24 / Huysmanhoeve - Eeklo (try-out)
29.06.24 / Popallure - Nazareth (try-out)
06.07.24 / Moen Feest - Zwevegem
02.08.24 / Campo Solar - Damme


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