Madd9 (born in Bilzen in 2003) is undoubtedly one of the most striking voices in the recent generation of hip-hop talent in Belgium. Together with his talented producer Preyas, he creates an immersive blend of hip-hop, funk, and neo-soul. Preyas' mastery of analog synths and the distinctive Detroit-style hip-hop drums perfectly complement Madd9's infectious hooks and layered verses. Madd9 possesses a remarkable ability to blend musical elements, resulting in a distinctive sound that goes beyond the confines of the genre.. His musical taste and artistic vision come together in a captivating soundscape that is both innovative and familiar to contemporary hip-hop enthusiasts. Madd9's rise within the Belgian music scene is impossible to overlook, and it's evident that he's making a mark on the hip-hop world with his distinctive sound and undeniable talent. Recently, he joined forces with the top-tier label Beatville, where he finds a place alongside renowned artists like Coely, Fahad Seriki (fka DVTCH NORRIS), and Yann Gaudeuille.

Shout-out to you, my 'day-ones'!


20.07.24 / Rock Herk - Herk-De-Stad
01.08.24 / M-idzomer - Leuven
06.09.24 / Studentenfestival Trap't Af - Eeklo
06.09.24 / Bel-Air Woods - Willebroek


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