Hi, I'm Naima Joris. I had kind of a difficult life, I guess, and also inherited some musical talent (though I never had the ambition to be on a stage) and I felt a lot so I started singing at 27 to cope.

Twelve years later I broke through (June 2020) by posting a song on Facebook for the first time. Something I should’ve done earlier because this breakthrough not only helped me out of 20 years of poverty, I also gave me the opportunity to release an ode to my deceased sister together with my brother (who produced it) in the form of my first EP. After the ode came the album “Tribute to Daniel Johnston”. This release was quickly followed by "While The Moon". A lot of music or inspiration was kept away and I’m still not done releasing what I have been collecting for twelve years.

'Bellybutton', ‘Hopeful again’ and ‘Suddenly’ are post-mortem collaborations with my deceased sister, who left some texts behind I made lyrics of. I chose to sing about what makes me sad as a way of mourning which is what "the blues" is, I guess. Even if it's not in the typical musical style. For me it’s not that much about style and more about mastering my breath and staying calm in the midst of the chaos (or drowning). Because, well, look around you. I see music as a means to bring myself (and hopefully others) closer to the essence in a calming way. To the vulnerablility of the heart. Voilà. Enjoy listening to me feeling stuff. Thank you for sharing and caring.


15.09.24 / Whispering Leaves - Gent


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