Belgium's Lady Linn is a soulful vocalist with a bent toward jazz and R&B-infused electronic pop music. Born Lien De Greef in Sint-Amandsberg, Belgium in 1981, Lady Linn first became interested in music as a child listening to songs by , , , and . At age eight, she began taking classical piano lessons and eventually earned a music degree, studying jazz at the Conservatory of Ghent. After graduating, she joined the dance-pop group Bolchi, with whom she scored the hit "City Trippin'" in 2004. The following year she appeared on the debut album from the hip-hop and R&B outfit Skeemz.

In 2006 she debuted her own project, the multi-member jazz and funk-infused outfit Lady Linn and Her Magnificent Seven. Following the 2006 single "Shopping," the group returned with the 2008 full-length Here We Go Again. Produced by Bolchi bandleader Jeroen de Pessemier, the album became a Top Ten hit in Belgium and earned Lady Linn her first MIA (Music Industry Award) for best female artist. Three years later she returned with her second full-length album, No Goodbye at All, featuring the singles "Cry Baby," "Little Bird," and "Over." The album also performed well, hitting number three on the Belgian albums charts and achieving gold status.

In 2014 Lady Linn delivered her third studio album, High. Produced by Renaud Letang (, ), the album showcased Linn's move to a more personal, pop-oriented direction. Consequently, she did not use the Magnificent Seven band name, although many of the same musicians appeared on the album. Lady Linn's fifth full-length album, 2016's Keep It a Secret, found her once again backed by Her Magnificent Seven and further balancing her love of organic, swinging jazz and infectious electronic pop music. Produced by Reinhard Vanbergen (, , ), the album included the single "Sing Your Heart Out."


29.06.24 / Adriaen Brouwer Bierfeesten - Oudenaarde
19.10.24 / CC 't Schaliken - Herentals
06.12.24 / CC Zoetegem - Zottegem
13.12.24 / CC Mol - Mol
21.12.24 / CC De Schakel - Waregem
13.02.25 / GC Den Bussel - Keerbergen


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