2023 marks the strong return of Puggy. After six years of being away from the spotlight, the world has changed, and so has the band. Transitioning from a pop-rock trio to a versatile collective of all-around producers, Matthew Irons, Romain Descampe, and Egil "Ziggy" Franzen have composed several film scores, collaborated with symphony orchestras, and accompanied numerous acts on their path to success. Artists such as Lous And The Yakuza, Yseult, Adé, and Angèle have all found inspiration within the walls of their recording studio, a truly creative refuge and meeting place.

The center of the studio is the kitchen, unquestionably the beating heart of their creative space. It is here, amidst plates, cutlery and coffee machines, that the group's compositions have evolved, shaped by the world around them, the artists passing through and the technical constraints imposed by this unlikely playground.

As the driving force behind their own recording studio and new-founded label, the Brussels-based group now controls every step of the creative process. Inspired by encounters and a few recipes concocted between the fridge and the dining table, Puggy's universe has expanded through interactions with a true artistic community. Marked by collective and individual adventures, the trio's new songs are now ready to hit the stage, the preferred place for a group known for their electrifying concerts. An exciting future awaits.


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