Ramzi, today still the best kept secret of the Antwerp hip-hop scene, is ready to step out of the shadow of his international examples - and put Flemish hip-hop on the map once and for all, at home and abroad. On May 13, he will release his album 'Langzaam Maar Zeker' on TopNotch.

There is no one from the Antwerp scene ( and beyond) who does not know the 27-year-old rapper. Ramzi is a popular artist who often collaborates with other big names in the scene such as Pregnant Guy, DIKKE, Freddie Konings etc.... Both fans and artists are looking forward to his album.

So a lot of hype and anticipation, not surprising after he already distinguished himself with tracks like “Hoelang Nog”, “Onbeschrijfelijk” and “Broertje Luister” in the past as a storyteller pur sang, who with flow and flair paints a picture of the reality of his life on the Antwerp streets and in the Antwerp clubs. With the album “Langzaam Maar Zeker” Ramzi touches on several topics; justice, hard work and not giving up. On the album, Ramzi also shows an emotional side and talks about the loss of his father.

Hip-hop in the mother tongue has recently been conquering the hearts of local youth all over the Benelux, and with it the national charts. With Ramzi, the Flemish youth is also finally getting the quality it deserves.


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