Growing up in Antwerp, frequently staying with his family in the UK, and with a strong sense of his South African roots, this made Shaka want to see the world from a young age. This uprootedness made him turn to music at the early age of 11. Always in between, barely fitting in, he created his own island where he feels independent. At only 14, he amazed the crowd at his very first open mic in the UK. It was then and there he decided that music was his home. Shaka’s inspirations come from many places. Hip hop, rap, soul, drum and bass, house music… Nas, André 3000, Kali Uchis, Erykah Badu, Channel Tres, Tyler the Creator or even Yussef Kamaal are artists he has listened to a lot and who still inspire him today.

He already has several EPs and singles to his credit, he still has been seen featuring with Artist such as Blu Samu, Coely and Krankk.

He approaches it his own way and takes what he likes to find “different sized pieces of a music puzzle fitting perfectly”. Throw on his very recognizable nostalgic voice and you get that Shaka sound. This young talent is one to be watched!


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