Willy On TourBE

Willy On Tour

Willy On Tour is back & ready for more!

Tomas De Soete, Sien Wynants, Marcel Vanthilt, Stijn Meuris, Guy Swinnen, Iwein Segers and an amazing backing band bring you the best of the last five decades of rock music, live on stage. From PJ Harvey to Beastie Boys and from Iggy Pop to Foo Fighters.

Radio station Willy honors the strings, the fretboard, the bridge and the volume knob every day on DAB+ and online and is now also back touring the best Belgian festivals with 'Willy On Tour'.

Dance, mosh, sing and scream your lungs out during this unmissable party!


28.06.24 / Genk On Stage - Genk
04.07.24 / Congé In't Park - Wevelgem
06.07.24 / Moen Feest - Zwevegem
09.08.24 / OLT Rivierenhof - Antwerpen
10.08.24 / Zomer van Puurs-Sint-Amands - Puurs-Sint-Amands
06.09.24 / Ballekesfeesten - Sint-Job-in-'t-Goor


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