LESAGE is French for wise or good and happens to be the family name of this Belgian artist. LESAGE is admittedly the first project under his name. His serious baggage of musical experiences in jazz, soul, and funk, comes together in his first solo album LESAGE, giving way to a new style, that is electronic yet organic. He spent the last year writing songs about never having enough, new beginnings, and disconnectivity, but also about being alone and the power of humanity. He is a big fan of Japanese and Californian synthesizers and drum machines and admires Ryuichi Sakamoto and Rick James. His songs are sweet and deep, danceable and fun. In his 25-year career, he has had lots of success in Belgium with his funk band ‘Ertebrekers’, after experimenting with another solo project ‘Moiano’. LESAGE is more than an experienced musician, vocalist & producer, who worked with Flip Kowlier, Selah Sue, Zap Mama, Gabriel Rios, Jessie Boykins III, and Congolese artist Baloji, to name but a few.


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