Luie Louis is 29-year-old rapper/producer from Antwerp. In 2017 he put himself on the map of the Flemish hip-hop landscape with his debut album 'LoveLifeLouis'. With the album with features from NAG, Zwangere Guy, Blu Samu, among others, he toured the country and played many venues. Around this period he also started a band 'De Luie Live band' (something unique at this time in the Flemish scene) released a record called 'The golden Classics' and toured with it.

In 2019, he and Tusais started the group 'Roedel'. With this they released two albums 'Hondsdolheid' and '247'. These were very well received by the general public and so they managed to sell out the Studio in Antwerp. Unfortunately, Corona came between the two and the festival season stopped earlier than expected.

In 2021, in response to the changed musical landscape in Belgium, he released the album 'Brokelifelouis'. On this album, he brings to light his loneliness and financial status with a touch of humor. Not much later he performed his song 'I need a job' at the Bobo Youth Center in Merksem (his hometown) and scored an immediate job as a youth worker.

He is currently working with fellow Little Crack on an Rnb-style record that should be launched this year. In doing so, they give a wide range of different music styles influenced by Rnb and rap.
Thus, they go from Rnb to g-funk and from house/techno to also a touch of UK garage. A varied record where both artists clearly show that they cannot be pigeonholed.

Luie Louis is a performer pur-sang and you can tell when he performs. 10 people or 1000 people Louis always knows how to take advantage of the situation and creates a unique live show that he effortlessly attunes to the venue/audience.


No upcoming shows at the moment


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