'How does this guy make hip-hop, how does this guy make rap?What's this guy's story, what's this guy's trap?'

Introducing yourself perfectly through a few pertinent questions, it's not just for anyone. Enter GIJS, whose enigmatic appearance does raise several questions for now. How can someone start an art education, only to walk out four years later as a rapper? Why does he then rap about the entire Belgian scene? And what should we all think of someone who claims the Antwerp crown in a Dutch accent? Questions are free and fortunately so, because GIJS clearly has them on offer.

Live, the quirky rapper, flanked by his musicians Simon De Rover and Lorenzo Kobina (Glasshelder), already knows perfectly what he's doing. His shows balance somewhere on a tightrope, stretched between music, theater and comedy. For many an impossible balancing act, for GIJS no more than a walk of beauty. You don't even have to keep an eye on him, you will hear about him in the future anyway.


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