Aarde aan Daan makes daydream pop with energetic grooves and lyrics packed with longing, sometimes spherical and subdued, other times euphoric, catchy and grand. With single 'Je Bent Zo Knap Dat Het Pijn doet', the band around Nederbelg Daan Hafkamp is now breaking into electronic territory. Aarde aan Daan mixes an artistic slant with a pop attitude. Putting the lit in literature.

Love once brought Daan from Amsterdam to Antwerp. Love left him, but Daan stayed in Belgium, writing the songs for Aarde aan Daan. One day he put his Pukkelpopt ticket up for sale and one Helena became the lucky one out of 40 applicants. It turned out she also played guitar and joined the band after Pukkelpop. Helena tipped Hanne as the bass player. And Hanne tipped Renzo as drummer.

Aarde aan Daan thus blossomed into a fresh Belgian band with Dutchmen Daan Hafkamp & Renzo Rijn and Belgians Hanne Vandekerckhove & Helena Mayorga Paredes. The four live in Antwerp and Ghent and have strong ties to both the Belgian and Dutch music landscape.

With their authentic Dutch-language band sound, Aarde aan Daan has already supported Tourist LeMC in Belgium at the Lotto Arena and Yong Yello, Brihang and Yevgueni, among others. In the Netherlands, Aarde aan Daan has already played as support act for Froukje and also during 15 shows of a sold-out club tour of WIES. Previous singles passed on Radio 1, Studio Brussel, Willy, Radio 2, 3FM and Kink FM.


07.09.24 / Floatline Festival - Oudsbergen


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