Listening to Rosa Butsi feels like waking up with the sun on your face. Her music sounds timeless and soft, like terracotta and honey. With the long-awaited 'Fruitful Days' she presents a debut album that feels like a coat you'd want to wear during every season.

In her alter ego, the name of her Hungarian grandmother (from whom she inherited her musical genes) finds the perfect embodiment. Rosa Butsi's journey is a testament to her musical prowess. In 2020 she received the renowned Soundtrack award and has since been an artist in residence at Het Depot (BE). From sharing stages with acclaimed artists like Black Sea Sahu, and Douglas Firs (Also band member), Butsi's presence is felt deeply in the musical landscape.

Her poignant storytelling finds expression in every note, evoking emotions that linger long after the last chord fades. Joined by her talented friends and band members Trui Amerlinck (bass) and Jordi Geuens (drums), her harmonies are a testament to the beauty within her compositions.


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